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Loving God, Serving People - Serving God, Loving People

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

40 East Church Street, Adams, NY 13605
(315) 232-2916

Worship Sunday: 9:30am

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Parish Priest: The Rev. Jerry Wichelins
Warden: John McFadden
Vestry: Deborah Clark, Sue Hamilton, Gretchen Martelle (Clerk), Kim Ross and Avril Warner


            Loving God, Serving People -- Serving God, Loving People

Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Adams, New York, is a small, spirit-filled church.   We worship together on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. throughout the year.  During July and August, we also offer services at St. Luke’s Chapel, Henderson Harbor, on the shore of Lake Ontario, at 7:45 a.m.

We are currently served by our parish priest, The Rev. Jerry Wichelns.   An active and interested Search Committee is working with our diocese in our search for a priest to serve Emmanuel on a part-time basis.

Emmanuel offers Christian education programs for children and adults.  We have many active lay ministers involved in Sunday morning services, and our choir delights us weekly.  Members and visitors alike feel a special warmth as they worship at Emmanuel.

We invite you to join us at Emmanuel Church, for worship and to experience the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”  Psalm 34:8

October 20, 2020

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    I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. – Psalm 122:1

    Dear Friends in Christ:
    Greetings! I hope you are well and coping with the challenges of this extraordinary time. I hope you are seeking and finding God.
    Back in March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we suspended services at the Emmanuel church building. Some of us tuned in to virtual live-stream services, others worshipped via Zoom.
    For the past three months Emmanuel people have met outdoors for worship at the McFadden home, the Firemen’s Pavilion, or St. Luke’s-by-the-Lake in July and August. Thanks to Fr. Jerry Wichelns, Fr. Wayne Storey, and all of you who made it happen. We have experienced some beautiful services.
    Beginning this Sunday, Oct. 4, Emmanuel parishioners will meet indoors and in person in the church building. When asked how we should meet during the pandemic when the cold weather comes, the majority of parishioners expressed a desire to worship inside at the church rather than attempt virtual services. While there is risk gathering indoors so long as the virus is active and there is no vaccine, we can minimize the risk through careful management of our services.
    Please note the following Emmanuel Safety Plan that the Vestry has agreed upon and the Diocese of Central New York has approved to enable us to meet indoors. I know that everyone will do their best to follow it. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Call John McFadden if you need anything.

    Emmanuel Safety Plan
    For COVID-19

    1. Wear masks at all times. Extra masks will be provided if needed.
    2. Social distance.
    3. Family groups stay at least 6 feet apart. Ushers will monitor seating and spacing.
    4. People must use hand sanitizer when entering building and before receiving communion.
    5. Organ can play but no congregational singing.
    6. Soloist can sing if at least 15 feet away from everyone.
    7. Priest can remove mask to preach.
    8. Enter at front of church. People in back pews leave first, followed by others. No lingering in the aisle or in Narthex. Wait until you are outside to converse. One person only in small spaces.
    9. No shaking hands or hugging.
    10. Congregants can receive communion wafer at altar. Only the priest will receive wine.
    11. Stay home if you are sick.
    12. Inform warden immediately if you contract the virus. Warden will confidentially inform health authorities and individuals potentially exposed to the virus.
    13. Ushers will keep a log of attendees and phone numbers for each Sunday.
    14. Service participants must take care to keep socially distant (6 feet apart) at all times.
    15. Church areas that are used on Sunday will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after each service.
    16. Waste baskets will be provided in Narthex and sanctuary by the stairs.
    17. Sign in Narthex and elsewhere throughout the building will remind congregants of the safety rules.
      Blessings to you, John McFadden, warden

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